Our name, Juneteenth Central Washington, shows the irony that slavery continues to exist much as it did in previous generations. Slavery was supposed to have been abolished in 1863 after Congress passed the 13th amendment. Despite this, slavery continued to exist in Texas for another TWO YEARS. On June 19th 1865 General Granger and his men moved into Texas to announce the end of the Civil War and declare all slaves as free. This day was given the name “Juneteenth”. This was the day when all slaves of all kinds were meant to be free, but the work isn’t done yet. So we see as a call to continue the work and free modern day slaves.


Our organization seeks to end human trafficking within central Washington through a three pronged approach: Bring awareness, educate the community, and provide resources to victims.


Our team volunteers countless hours of their time, get to know them

Dy Buchanan

Founder/Executive Director/Law enforcement lead

Dy has been with Juneteenth CW since its inception in 2005. Her work includes overseeing the operations of the organization and its volunteers, meeting with and mentoring clients, working closely with law enforcement, training and speaking engagements, and much, much more.





Community and Faith Team Lead

The goal of the Community and Faith team is to spread the word about the trafficking epidemic that plagues our community. In the overall goal of our organization, this group is what helps us raise awareness of the issues within our community.





Outreach Team Lead

The outreach team is dedicated to raising awareness, bringing in volunteers, heading up social media tools, and general getting people involved in our organization in order to end trafficking in our community.