July 26, 2012

The Problem

A quick definition of human trafficking is the exploitation of a person for the benefit of the person doing the trafficking. It occurs in many forms: prostitution, forced labor, panhandling, webcam shows, etc. The problem is that it occurs everywhere from overseas to big cities all the way down to rural communities.

Our Hope

Juneteenth Central Washington seeks to free modern day slaves in our community by:

  • Bringing awareness
  • Providing educational services and training
  • Providing resources for victims of human trafficking

How YOU Can Help

Our organization provides resources for the recovery of people coming out of trafficking, and your assistance can allow us to continue to provide those resources

  • Financial Donations
    • Counselling needs
    • Clothes
    • Transportation needs
    • Operational expenses
  •  Prayer
    • We believe our God is bigger than this issue and has the power to stop it in its tracks. Your prayers encourage us to continue with the fight
  •  Volunteering
    • Tell everyone you meet about the growing crisis
    • Contact us for more information on how to get a more direct role in our organization